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About us

Lifebox Asia, founded in 2019, we are new generation company with the core advantage of outstanding product.

Company profile

Lifebox Asia specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing high quality well-being products for global consumers. Our company was established in 2019. Lifebox Asia has already sold in Thailand market and we plan to sale to overseas countries such as CLMV and so on. It is in a good position not only to serve Thailand market, but also plan to export all over the world.

The Journey to Excellence and Adventures of a Medical Device Company for Thais and the World.


In the small town of Thailand, a health care equipment company named "Lifebox Asia" was born out of the dedication and determination of a team with a vision for the "Lifebox" brand.

The concept of "Lifebox" — the box of life — focuses on providing Thai people with tools that enhance their quality of life and health. As we developed this idea further, we decided to create a sub-brand named "Bluedot."


"Bluedot" is inspired by "The Pale Blue Dot," a photograph taken from a spacecraft that shows Earth as a tiny blue dot in the vastness of the solar system. When our CEO saw this image, she felt a deep connection to the "Box of Life" concept. Thus, the "Bluedot" products were created to meet health care needs comprehensively, emphasizing understanding every user's requirements and providing excellent service.


With the integration of the "Box of Life" concept and the belief in the health care of humans living on this planet, "Bluedot" has gained widespread recognition in the market. It is known globally as a symbol of faith and commitment to providing quality health care services to both general users and medical professionals worldwide.


The adventure of "Lifebox Asia" is not just about developing excellent products. It also involves rigorous testing, meeting standards, and obtaining international production and distribution approvals.

Lifebox teams.

Lifebox Asia culture.

Lifebox Asia, Rich cultural background can produce strong cohesion and vitality, promote team cooperation and innovation consciousness, and is the source and power of sustainable development of enterprises.



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